Floating into the Bullet Journal Craze

2016-04-08 20.02.49

Well, this pre-historic Butterfly is floating into the Bullet Journal Craze. Yep, it’s true. Bullet Journaling is all the rage among “the millennials” now days.  This is interesting to me as a “baby boomer.” In the early 1980s I ran across an awesome idea —  Hyrum Smith’s “Franklin Planner.” There were books and VHS videos ( 🙂 I know!  I’m… Read more »

Why “Papillon Pots”?

Why “Papillon Pots?” Why did I choose the french word for “butterfly” and why “butterfly” in the first place? I chose “butterfly” because my grandmother loved butterflies.  Since she passed away I have always had one on my person, whether it is in the print of the fabric I am wearing, or my jewelry there is always a butterfly on… Read more »

Janis Wilson Hughes: Evolution Stoneware Pottery, What Inspires You?


Janis Wilson Hughes of Evolution Stoneware Pottery is someone who has inspired me. So I asked her, “What inspires you?” She referred me to her bio on her website…and I understood more about her. I found Janis on YouTube early on in my own adventure with pottery.  I watched her make a few things as she stood at her wheel.  I… Read more »

Simon Leach at The Red Kiln in the Month Of August 2015


Simon Leach Signed My Book!  (  *^^* yes I am star struck 😉 ) The Month of August was very eventful for me.  The highlight was meeting Simon Leach at the Red Kiln Pottery! There is a wonderful Pottery in Sugar House Utah called Red Kiln Pottery.  They hosted the workshop where I got to sit front row center for two… Read more »

My First Kick-Wheel: A New Door Opens!


Monday morning (Sept. 21, 2015) I flipped on my computer and entered the url KSL.com.  Clicked on “Classifieds” and searched for “pottery wheel”… And guess what I found!! A Kick-Wheel !!! This is really exciting to me because this kick-wheel cost exactly what I had in my favorite savings account! We have been throwing all of our change in here… Read more »

L.J. Cohen, What Inspires You?


I have made some friends on Social Media who inspire me in various areas of creativity.  Lisa Cohen, aka L.J. Cohen, is one of these friends. I asked her, “What inspires you?  Would you please share with me?”  And she was very gracious and agreed to share some of her thoughts with me and my lovely readers. Lisa is writer…. Read more »

Handmade Porcelain and Stoneware Pottery

I love making handmade porcelain and stoneware pottery.  It is hard for me to decide which clay I like best because they all have different virtues and different drawbacks. The drawbacks are easy to overcome most of the time.  It usually consists of a little sanding or grinding after the final fire, or being careful of the glaze choices. The… Read more »

Fun Things From the Kiln


I got some more Fun Things From the Kiln the other day…well, the other MONTH…but who is keeping track? I said that glazing isn’t my favorite part of pottery and I whined a little bit about how much I had to glaze in a day…and since then I have seen what OTHER potters glaze in a day.  I just don’t… Read more »

Glazing Makes My Eyes Glaze Over.


Can I just say that Glazing Makes My Eyes Glaze Over?  I think of all the tasks involved in pottery glazing is my least favorite.  And yet it is so gratifying in the end…usually. Yesterday I spent most of the day glazing this plethora of pots… I had some specific color combos in mind but several of the pots got… Read more »

Another New Beginning For Papillon Pots

Tari   March 30, 2015   Comments Off on Another New Beginning For Papillon Pots

Well, here I am again…beginning…changing it up with Papillon Pots. A new blog, new hope, new fun. I look at the plaque on my wall (a gift from my mother) that says…well, here is an image, see for yourself: I really believe that this is true for every aspect of life.  If we aren’t will to change then how do… Read more »