Another New Beginning For Papillon Pots

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Well, here I am again…beginning…changing it up with Papillon Pots. A new blog, new hope, new fun.

I look at the plaque on my wall (a gift from my mother) that says…well, here is an image, see for yourself:


I really believe that this is true for every aspect of life.  If we aren’t will to change then how do we “become?”

I have to remind myself of this every time a student leaves my class…because a new student always comes…and I get to make a new friend.  A new friend like this cute girl who is so loved by the angels that she wears their kisses all over her face…and the evidence of this love is so plain…can you see it?


New friends, new beginnings for Papillon Pots, new adventures with friends and family…new HOPE.

And I remain such a kid at heart…loving to play in the mud.  I am excited to help my students love to play with me.  I love to help them get centered so they can center :).  And then create.  And we do have such varied and wonderful creations and experiences.  I love them all.


The latest kiln litter was so wonderful…I am so pleased.  One piece found a home fresh out of the kiln.

I am truly blessed! And I am truly grateful.

Onward and Upward!!