Floating into the Bullet Journal Craze

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Well, this pre-historic Butterfly is floating into the Bullet Journal Craze.

Yep, it’s true.

Bullet Journaling is all the rage among “the millennials” now days.  This is interesting to me as a “baby boomer.”

In the early 1980s I ran across an awesome idea —  Hyrum Smith’s “Franklin Planner.”


There were books and VHS videos ( 🙂 I know!  I’m a dinosaur) and audio TAPES – yes audio cassette tapes — google it —

And I think I saw and listened to them all – so I could learn how to be organized and really get things DONE.

Well, in the late ’80s I was stone broke.  There was NO-WAY I could buy the system…you know,

  • the note book – usually leather
  • the basic filler
  • the special inserts
    • mtg planner pages
    • Prospect pages
    • extra goal planning pages
  • the Storage binder
  • the dust cover for the storage binder
  • the page finder
  • etc.


I had an electric type-writer and plenty of paper –and a 1 1/2 inch 8.5″ x 5.5″ notebook….


I created my own.

I was so excited about it – I took it everywhere – I wrote everything in it – in tabbed sections.  And it was my journal, too.

One day a friend asked me about it because she noticed that I was really getting things done, and it was always with me.  Not only that but she noticed that when she asked me questions I found the answers in my planner – behind one tab or another.

Pretty soon you saw my friend with an ACTUAL Franklin Planner — she bought a lovely gray cover for her’s…and she referred to it as her “gray matter” … her BRAIN.  She really got things done!

I kept a Franklin Planner for YEARS – they look so lovely on my bookshelves in their dust jackets with the year in gold our white block numbers announcing their year on their spines.

I used them as my journal – whenever my husband would ask me about an event from the past I could go to the book for that year and get the info.

THEN — I am not sure what happened but I started spending more time journaling and I ran out of room on the pages and then I ran out of room in the storage binders because of the extra pages I added — and Franklin’s Planner just wasn’t working for me anymore.  This was the early years of the turn of the century — the new millennium —-

I began collecting journals and those pocket planners from Walmart —

Pocket planners






They worked great but those pocket planners don’t hold much, nor do they look so awesome on the shelf.

My Journals went from looking like this:

blank Journals

to looking like this:
Decorated Journals        3 Decorated Journals

Then I ran across the Bullet Journal community during my wanderings in YouTube.  I came across a spunky little gal who calls herself Boho Berry  and I got hooked on the BuJo (you have to use the current vernacular).

I am still trying to figure out my style…or if I even NEED a style.  But I am having a lot of fun…and growing a little while I follow Kara (Boho Berry) and her friends.  These gals are brilliant.  They make me feel old and young at the same time…a very weird feeling.  But they inspire me to do better at the things that I undertake…even the simplest things like improving my handwriting…or learning a new way to letter.  Even drawing (which inspires me to ways to decorate my pottery).

2016-04-08 20.02.49

I am grateful for the good works of the “millennials” out there who really can teach us “baby boomers” a thing or two.

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!!

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