Fun Things From the Kiln

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I got some more Fun Things From the Kiln the other day…well, the other MONTH…but who is keeping track?

I said that glazing isn’t my favorite part of pottery and I whined a little bit about how much I had to glaze in a day…and since then I have seen what OTHER potters glaze in a day.  I just don’t know how they do it and make it looks so simple and almost fun!  Like this really cute potter I am following on YouTube, Amy Palatnick (click).  Nothing like putting things into perspective!

Here are some of the fun things I got out of the kiln…

IMG_20150601_164449_551IMG_20150601_145450_377IMG_20150601_154437_994 IMG_20150601_155610_218 I tried something a little different with this dark brown clay and porcelain slip.  I think it makes the rim look nice.  I also think the white glaze needs to be thinned down just a bit so the carving shows up a little better.  But I definitely think is was a fun thing to get out of the kiln.IMG_20150601_155653_753 IMG_20150601_155755_373My first all clay goblet.  Not to shabby.  Not crazy about the color but I like the form.

IMG_20150601_155828_279 When does a cup become a mug?  I am experimenting with smaller “mugs”… I have been reminded that not ALL beverages do well in GIANORMOUS mugs.  This dark brown clay with porcelain slip decoration and thinned down Semi-gloss White glaze came out more like I like it.  I am happy.IMG_20150601_160133_400 My new cell phone rest.  I quite like it.  You know…butterflies are my “thing.” 🙂IMG_20150601_160421_375 IMG_20150601_160825_179

I love Cobalt Celedon on the right clay.

I love Cobalt Celedon on the right clay.


There was a lot more from that firing…and a lot more from the next one…but I will save them for another time.

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!!

Onward and Upward!!


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