Glazing Makes My Eyes Glaze Over.

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Can I just say that Glazing Makes My Eyes Glaze Over?  I think of all the tasks involved in pottery glazing is my least favorite.  And yet it is so gratifying in the end…usually.

Yesterday I spent most of the day glazing this plethora of pots…


I had some specific color combos in mind but several of the pots got away from me (they fell into the glaze bucket…slippery fingers) and they will be very different, when they come out of the kiln, from the original result that I had in mind.

It is another lesson to me that “Pottery is a crap shoot” — UNdeniably!

Yet there are so many times that what I believe at the moment to be a disaster…   …ends up being the best in the batch.

When these pieces finally come out of their final “sauna” I will comment on the original vision and the final result…as to whether or not they are keepers…I am anxious.

I follow a fun closed group on Facebook called “Clay Buddies”…many people share their work there and ask for advice.  One today was a plate that warped in the final firing and came out looking like a bowl…it is beautiful and looks intentional.  I would call that a happy accident.

As much as pottery is a crap shoot there are more pleasant surprises than there are “disasters”.  For which I am so grateful.

I am teaching students how to make closed forms to open into little treasure boxes…


…Like this greenware cutie waiting to be fired.

It is so fun to hear them sigh or gasp with satisfaction as they close the top of their cylinder for the first time.  And again when they open their piece and figure out how to trim it.

There is a life-lesson in focus and centering and especially patience attached to this project.  All good things to learn.

I believe that nothing should be forced.  Clay teaches a person how to “coax” something wonderful into being.  When force is used the object doesn’t come out lovely at all…same with people.

So now you know another reason why I love pottery…

and people!

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!!!

Onward and Upward!!!


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