Handmade Porcelain and Stoneware Pottery

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I love making handmade porcelain and stoneware pottery.  It is hard for me to decide which clay I like best because they all have different virtues and different drawbacks.

The drawbacks are easy to overcome most of the time.  It usually consists of a little sanding or grinding after the final fire, or being careful of the glaze choices.

The virtues are less work.  I love the way Porcelain takes glazes like the celedons…I usually use the Cobalt (I love that blue…).  I love to use Semi-Gloss White on the dark brown clay, not too thick, so that it comes out looking warm and the iron pops out…and when I decorate with porcelain slip!  I just love the way the porcelain design pops. 🙂

I also love the way the Semi-Gloss White works under other glazes.  I think my favorite combo right now is the white with rims dipped in Shaner’s Oribe.  (Whoever you are Mr. Shaner, THANKS for that awesome glaze).

Here are a few of the finished pieces from various firings during this past summer.

(I would really love some feed back on these…what do you like? do you have any questions? etc.)

I really enjoy making the ceramic covered jars.  Some are made with porcelain, and some from a dark brown stoneware.  The dark brown is fun because I don’t gave to glaze the entire piece.  The clay actually is beautiful un-glazed…it does, however, have a texture and requires sanding the foot of each piece so tables don’t get scratched when the pieces is set down.   I usually use a less textured clay for the smaller items, the porcelain jars require less finish work and allow for lovely color choices and effects.  There is a light colored stoneware that I like to use called Sunstone, that throws a lot like porcelain but fires to a warmer color in cone 10 reduction.

I love going to the dinner table and seeing the table set with MY handmade pottery.

It is so satisfying to sip herbal tea from one of MY stoneware mugs.

I think you could safely call me a happy potter.

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!!

Onward and Upward!!


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