Janis Wilson Hughes: Evolution Stoneware Pottery, What Inspires You?

Janis Wilson Hughes of Evolution Stoneware Pottery is someone who has inspired me.

So I asked her, “What inspires you?”

She referred me to her bio on her website…and I understood more about her.

I found Janis on YouTube early on in my own adventure with pottery.  I watched her make a few things as she stood at her wheel.  I thought that was a novel idea…standing at a wheel 🙂  I watched her make a lovely goblet, an interesting double walled salt shaker…which she also demonstrated how to fill and use. (I made a few…I haven’t mastered the hole … I always get too much salt 🙁  )  And more recently I have seen her make drums.  DRUMS!!  She is quite a wonderful musician on her handmade drums.

Well, these are things that Janis has done that have inspired me…but let’s see if we can figure out what has inspired this chemical engineer turned potter.

Here’s a clue…

1a-Janis Wilson Hughes-Moonlight Migration Totem-38x10x10-Steel Rod Stoneware-Cone 6 Oxidation  3-Janis Wilson Hughes-Garden Pod Collection

2-Janis Wilson Hughes-Vitality Flock-30x52x5-Wall hanging ceramic sculpture-Cone 6 oxidation

I think it is safe to say that elements of nature that represent the circle of life inspires Janis Wilson Hughes.  Her totems are constructed from elements that are wheel thrown and then altered and creatively glazed to express the nature of their existence.  (Personally, I love the birds).

Another clue…

You will notice on her website: EvolutionStoneware.com, that she is strongly inspired by personal relationships.  She has the cutest puppy-pals that hang out with her when she is working or playing.  (She has this in common with another woman who has shared inspiration with me, Lisa Cohen).


Check out Janis’ YouTube channel…she has lots of great videos there that appeal to the novice potter.  I am sure you will find inspiration there as well.

I have had a lot of fun following her on YouTube and becoming friends on Facebook.

When you explore Janis’ website, or YouTube channel you will find that she has made DVDs that are available for purchase.  You may also discover that she has been in some pottery related publications.  It is an honor to be called “friend” by this lovely young woman.


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