My First Kick-Wheel: A New Door Opens!

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Monday morning (Sept. 21, 2015) I flipped on my computer and entered the url  Clicked on “Classifieds” and searched for “pottery wheel”… And guess what I found!!

A Kick-Wheel !!!

This is really exciting to me because this kick-wheel cost exactly what I had in my favorite savings account!


We have been throwing all of our change in here for a couple of years…I have raided it a couple of times…sad to say…but NOW I had enough for this great find in the classifieds.

I called the seller and guess what!  He was willing to deliver for just a few dollars more!!  Great for me because I would have had to rent a trailer and drive 3 hours to pick it up.  EEEE!!  I am so happy!!

Next day the seller and I spoke.  He was in Salt Lake City!  He was going to leave at 1:00pm and head my way….BUT…he showed up at the door at 1:04!!  He and his friend unloaded my new/old Kick-Wheel and set it right where I wanted them to.  LOOK, LOOK, LOOK !!


It needs a little TLC if I don’t want a tucas full of splinters…but this wheel kicks so easily and nicely.  And I love the catch bowl.

And it is MINE!    theReceiptThank you, thank you, thank you, Scott!

Now the door opens for more learning.  I get to sit at this wheel and learn how to center my pottery while my feet work…I have a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time so this is going to be interesting.  But this old bird is up for it.

I just had to share!

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!!


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