Simon Leach at The Red Kiln in the Month Of August 2015

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Simon Leach Signed My Book!  (  *^^* yes I am star struck 😉 )

The Month of August was very eventful for me.  The highlight was meeting Simon Leach at the Red Kiln Pottery!


There is a wonderful Pottery in Sugar House Utah called Red Kiln Pottery.  They hosted the workshop where I got to sit front row center for two awesome days of demonstration by this 3rd generation potter.

It was a real treat.

I got to learn the value of using a gauge to make repeat ware (the same sized pieces over and over again).


I also learned that it is possible to make quite large pieces from a smaller amount of clay than I typically use.  THAT is very helpful to someone like me.  I have been nervous to make things very thin because I have had so many pieces warp when I go very thin.

I also learned the importance of keeping my tools clean…especially ware boards.  Best to keep them pristinely clean so as not to cause imperfections with the foot while the piece is drying on it.


Simon Says Clean Your Ware Boards After You Use Them!

Simon brought tools and pottery that he has designed and made…and I bought some 🙂

IMG_20150815_114515_117 IMG_20150815_114529_366

Of course, I didn’t buy all of them… I did check “buy a Simon Leach mug” off of my bucket list.  And I got one of those lovely paddles for smacking a texture on a pot.

I think that it is safe to say that I enjoyed meeting Simon after watching all of his YouTube  videos for years now.  I hope I don’t act too much like a silly “groupie.”

He is very gracious.  And a very good teacher.  He was quite patient with all of our questions AND he signed my copy of his book (Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Throwing Beautiful, Functional Pots).

So, What Did I Learn From Simon Leach?

  • Use a gauge when making more than one of a form…makes it easier to make sets.
  • Clean up your tools every time!
  • I can use less clay and still have wonderful pottery.
  • And almost anything can be turned into a tool…even a coconut shell 😉

Thanks Simon!

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!


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