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Janis Wilson Hughes: Evolution Stoneware Pottery, What Inspires You?

Janis Wilson Hughes of Evolution Stoneware Pottery is someone who has inspired me. So I asked her, “What inspires you?” She referred me to her bio on her website…and I understood more about her. I found Janis on YouTube early on in my own adventure with pottery.  I watched her make a few things as she stood at her wheel.  I… Read more »

Fun Things From the Kiln

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I got some more Fun Things From the Kiln the other day…well, the other MONTH…but who is keeping track? I said that glazing isn’t my favorite part of pottery and I whined a little bit about how much I had to glaze in a day…and since then I have seen what OTHER potters glaze in a day.  I just don’t… Read more »