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Why “Papillon Pots”?

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Why “Papillon Pots?” Why did I choose the french word for “butterfly” and why “butterfly” in the first place? I chose “butterfly” because my grandmother loved butterflies.  Since she passed away I have always had one on my person, whether it is in the print of the fabric I am wearing, or my jewelry there is always a butterfly on… Read more »

L.J. Cohen, What Inspires You?

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I have made some friends on Social Media who inspire me in various areas of creativity.  Lisa Cohen, aka L.J. Cohen, is one of these friends. I asked her, “What inspires you?  Would you please share with me?”  And she was very gracious and agreed to share some of her thoughts with me and my lovely readers. Lisa is writer…. Read more »

Another New Beginning For Papillon Pots

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Well, here I am again…beginning…changing it up with Papillon Pots. A new blog, new hope, new fun. I look at the plaque on my wall (a gift from my mother) that says…well, here is an image, see for yourself: I really believe that this is true for every aspect of life.  If we aren’t will to change then how do… Read more »