Why “Papillon Pots”?

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Why “Papillon Pots?”

Why did I choose the french word for “butterfly” and why “butterfly” in the first place?

I chose “butterfly” because my grandmother loved butterflies.  Since she passed away I have always had one on my person, whether it is in the print of the fabric I am wearing, or my jewelry there is always a butterfly on my person.


I chose the french word for butterfly, “papillon,” because I love the french language.  It is like music to me…I don’t speak the language, I failed the class in high school, much to my chagrin.  But I love to listen to it and still desire to learn it.

So, after selling my first few really awful pots I needed something to call my “business.”  I thought about “Playing in the Mud” because that is what I do when I am at the pottery wheel but it just didn’t feel quite right.  Then I developed my signature stamp…just my initials but…well…it looks like a butterfly!


That was all it took.  Now I create papillon pots.  Now I sit at the pottery wheel throwing pottery and every single piece will “wear” a butterfly because I love my grandmother and I love wheel thrown pottery.

My grandmother continues to inspire me. Her love of butterflies affects me every single day.




I love it so much that I hope I get to make papillon pots right up to my last breath of mortality.

Here’s to Growing and Glowing!!


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